Everyone wants Great Sex, Great Love and a Great Life.  But, how do we get it? 
We get what we expect.

When you look at this image, do you see two faces or the cup in between?  

It all depends on your perceptionwhich is largely influenced by what you expect to see.

It's the same with people, men and women. When we expect to see differences, that's what we see.  Pink and blue aliens from two different planets. 

While it's a common belief that decoding or exaggerating our differences creates the best sex and love, author Amy Luna Manderino demystifies the ground breaking research of the last decade across diverse scientific disciplines.  Exciting discoveries in anatomy, neuroscience, epigenetics and more suggest that being taught to see the world in traditional gender norms is an obstacle to satisfying sex, love and a vibrant life overall.

What if we focused on how women and men are alike?
What if we built our relationships--and our world-- on our common humanity?


Not surprisingly, things get a lot better.  For everyone.


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